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smart industrial Smart Medical Camera Module

OV8856 AR0500 GA4A Sensor Wide FOV lens MIPI CSI 8MP Wide Angle Camera Module For Smart Industry Low light

AR0500 Description:
One of the key benefits of the AR0500 camera sensor is its high-resolution capability.
It is capable of producing incredibly sharp and detailed images with a resolution of up to 5 megapixels.
This makes it ideal for capturing exquisite details in photographs and videos, creating beautiful and lifelike images that capture the essence of the moment.

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    OMNIVISION’s OV8856 is a new 1/4-inch 8 megapixel PureCel sensor designed for front- and rear-facing camera applications in mainstream mobile devices. Built on advanced 1.12-micron pixel architecture, the extremely compact OV8856 offers industry-leading image quality and improved performance when compared with previous-generation 8 megapixel image sensors.

    The 1/4-inch OV8856 leverages OMNIVISION’s PureCel pixel architecture to capture full-resolution 8 megapixel images and video at 30 frames per second (fps), and 1080p high-definition (HD) video at 60 fps. The power-efficient OV8856 sensor also supports interlaced high dynamic range (iHDR) for clear images and video in high- and low-light conditions. Using a high-speed four-lane MIPI interface, the OV8856 can output full-resolution, 8 megapixel 30 fps video over two MIPI lanes without requiring any data compression.

    The OV8856 is one of the smallest 8 megapixel sensors on the market, and is approximately 15 percent smaller than OMNIVISION’s previous-generation OV8858 image sensor. The OV8856 can fit into a 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm fixed-focus module with a z-height of approximately 4 mm.

    Optical size of 1/4″

    32.9° CRA for less than 5 mm Z-height

    Programmable controls for:
    – Frame rate
    – Mirror and flip
    – Cropping
    – Windowing

    Supports images sizes:
    – 8MP (4:3, 3264×2448)
    – 8MP (16:9, 3264×1836)
    – EIS 1080p (2112×1188)
    – 1080p (1920×1080)
    – EIS 720p (1408×792), and more

    8MP at 30 fps (720 Mbps/4-lane or 1.44 Gbps/2-lane)

    Two on-chip phase lock loops (PLLs)

    Two-wire serial bus control (SCCB)

    8k bits of embedded one-time programmable (OTP) memory

    Image quality control:
    – Defect pixel correction
    – Automatic black level calibration
    – Lens shading correction
    – Alternate row HDR

    Suitable for module size of 8.5 x 8.5 x ~4 mm

    Compliance: CE, ROHS, ISO

    We could do OEM ODM for many choice from 0.3MP to 21MP sensors camera modules, With professional technical support, please don‘t hesitate to contact with us.

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