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Special Lens No IR Pass

NO IR Filter IR Cut switch OV9281 OV7251 OV9282 OV48B 1MP Monochrome Global Shutter Camera Module MIPI

Pixel 1MP
Chip Type OV9281
Focusing Range  50cm to infinity
Interface  MIPI CSI
View Angle  H85 degree
F NO. 2.2
Focal Length 2.3mm
Shutter Global Shutter
IR Filter  NO
CMOS camera module 1MP OV9281 OV7251 and so on, many choices for you. Contact us for details.

    Sensor  OV9281 OV9282
    Optical size   Type 1/4 inch
    Pixel Size:  3um*3um
    Shutter Type  Global Shutter
    Max Sensor Resolution    1280*800
    Color Filter Array:  Noe(Monochrome)
    Resolution and Frame Rate    RAW8/RAW 10: 640*480@ 260fps, 1280*720@144fps, 1280*800 @120fps
    Output  RAW 8/RAW 10
    Focus Type   Manual
    Focus  50cm--- INF
    Lens: f/2.0, EFL: 2.35mml; FOV 89.5 degree
    IR Sensitivity: build-in 650nm IR-Cut filter, sensitive to visible light only.

    Sensor features:

    Omnivision OV9281 and OV9282 are high-speed global shutter image sensors that bring 1-megapixel resolution to a wide range of consumer and industrial computer vision applications, including augmented reality( AR), virtual reality (VR), collision avoidance in drones, barcode scanning and factory automation. The OV9281 and OV9282 feature a high-speed global shutter pixel with best in class near infrared quantum efficiency to meet high resolution and low latency requirements.

    The OV9281 has a chief ray angle (CRA) of 9 degrees and comes in a chip scale package. The OV9282 features a CRA of 27 degrees and is available in a reconstructed wafer format. Both sensors are currently available in volume production.

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