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CMOS Camera Module 5MP

5MP camera module Auto Focus 1080p cmos camera sensor OV5640 OV5648 OV5645 OS05A10 OS05A20

OV5640-AF camera module

Sensor: cmos ov5640
Pixels: 5mega pixel
Size: 8.5x8.5mm
Lens type: 1/4inch
F number: 3.0
Distortion: less than 1.0%

Interface: MIPI/DVP(can be customized)

    5MP camera module Auto Focus 1080p cmos camera sensor OV5640 OV5648 OV5645 OS05A10 OS05A20


      We‘re manufacturer for camera module and we professional produce 0.3MP~18MP modules. The main application areas: MP4, mobile phone, laptop, tablet pc,the board, visual doorbell, industrial image recognition system, fingerprint identification system ... V-VISION TECH could do according to customer‘s specific requirements. custom products are delivered fast, quality assurance, reasonable price. Now super-low supply: GC0308,GC2035,GC2145,OV7251,OV7670,OV7675,OV7725,OV7740,OV9281,OV9712,OV9732,OV9655,OV9650,
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      Please contact and look forward to cooperating with you. V-VISION TECH provide high quality and compatible CMOS Camera Module products for different requests and wishes from clients. Our excellent supply of world-class quality and manufacture are based on modern facilities and quality control for CMOS Camera Module products. The CMOS Camera Module has very compact size and is widely applied in Mobile phone, Digital Still Camera, DV, PDA/Handheld, Toy, PC Camera, Security Camera, Automotive Camera, etc.

    1.Optical size of 1/4inch
    2.Automatic image control functions: automatic exposure control(AEC), automatic white balance (AWB), automatic band filter(ABF), automatic 50/60 Hz luminanace detection, and automatic black level calibration(ABLC).
    3.support for output formats: RAW RGB, RGB 565/555/444, CCIR656,YUV 422/420, YCbCr422, and compression.
    4.Suppport for video or snapshot operations
    5. Support for internal and external frame synchronization for frame exposure mode.
    6. Support for LED and flash strobe mode.
    7. Support for horizontal and vertical sub-sampling, binning.
    8.Support for minimizing artifacts on binned image.
    9.Support for data compression output.
    10.Support for anti-shake.
    11. Standard serial SCCB interface.
    12. Digital video port(DVP) parallel output interface and dual lane MIPI output interface.
    13.Embedded 1.5V regulator for core power.
    14. Programmable I/O drive capability, I/O tri-state configurability.
    15. Support for black sun cancellation.
    16. Support for images sizes: 5megapixel, and any arbitrary size scaling down from 5 megapixel.
    17.Support for auto focus control with embedded AF VCM driver.
    18. Embedded microcontroller.

    Key specifications:

    1. active array size: 2592*1944
    2.Power requirements: active: 140mA, standby: 20 uA
    3.Output formats: 8-/10- bit RGB RAW output
    4. lens size: 1/4 inch
    5.lens chief ray angle: 24 degree.
    6. Input clock frequency: 6-27 mhz
    7.Dynamic range: 68 db @ 8* gain
    8.Maximum image transfer rate: QSXGA (2592*1944); 15fps    
       1080P: 30fps
       1280*960: 45fps
        720p: 60fps
        VGA(640*480): 90fps
        QVGA: 120FPS

    9.Shuteer: rolling shutter/ frame exposure

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